“And scary as Ka is, I find the idea of no Ka even scarier”

Although it tells more of the travels of Roland and ‘the three’, in Mid-World and other worlds, Wizard and Glass is mostly about what happened before, in Roland’s dark youth. Names that have flickered by in brief memories before- such as Cuthbert and Susan – turn into real characters and Roland himself becomes more human, almost understandable.

Here King’s other work – mainly the Stand – and the tales of others – from the Wizard of Oz to the Arthurian Legends – come together in a way that’s much more than playful referencing. There’s so much ambition here, and sheer storytelling that IT may yet be overthroned, making me as determined as Roland’s new companions to follow him all the to the dark tower.

The hope that it would not be another five years till the next installment proved futile – volume V appeared in 2003.