“The town new darkness”

Basically Dracula, set in 1970’s New England, with remarkably believable results. This book has what you expect from a King novel, but also some chapters that are unlike most of what I’ve read by him; chapters that describe the small town – as an almost sentient being – and those living there, in a wonderfully poetic way, with both distance and affection.

Writer Ben Mears returns to his childhood town, where he finds both love and horror. He is not the only newcomer, it seems. The mysterious Mr Straker and Mr Barlow have set up shop in town and also acquired the dreaded Marsten House – the setting of dark deeds in the past and quite probably haunted. When people mysteriously begin disappearing and dying, Mears and a handful of others try to make a stand against an ancient evil.

What should be either corny or at best tongue-in-cheek is somehow neither, but instead truly chilling.

The memorable Father Callahan is presented here – to lie dormant until the final three books of the Dark Tower series.